Add-On Dramas

The dramas listed on this page introduce you to symbolic representations of aspects to the wedding commitment that may prove more meaningful than merely the expressions of words.

Some come out of rich cultural heritage.

Others are more recently developed.

The supply of all furnishings required for these ceremonies is the responsibility of the wedding couple.

1.     Balloon Release

2.    Candle Ceremony

3.    Coin Ceremony

4.    Cord Ceremony

5.    Cup Ceremony

6.   Family and Community Support Ceremony

7.   Flower Ceremony

8.   Glass  Breaking Ceremony

9.  Hand Fasting Ceremony

10.  Knot Tying Ceremony

11.  Memorial Ceremony

12.  Parental Recognition Ceremony

13.  Release of Doves or Butterfies Ceremony

14.  Rose Ceremony

15.  Sand Ceremony

16.  Treasure Chest Ceremony

17.  Veil Ceremony

18.  Water Ceremony

19.  Welcome Children