Balloon Release

As _(Bride)_ and _(Groom)_ launch into their new life together, they picture their union like a beautiful globe of delight that surrounds them as they venture into life together. They picture new vistas lying before them and rising together, hand in hand, above all that would obstruct their enjoyment of all their life together has to offer. Letting go of all that would hold them down, they choose this day to grow into all they can be together.

Suspended under the twilight canopy
We search the sky for a star to guide us
And find it in the love that leads us
Love that lifts us higher together that apart.

Love is waiting there, in our beautiful balloon
Way up in the air, in our beautiful balloon
If you’ll hold my hand, we’ll chase our dreams across the sky

For together we can fly, up, up and away
In our beautiful, our beautiful balloon.

Up, up and away
Up, up and away
Up, up and away

Adapted from a song written by Jimmy Webb

(Bride & groom release a helium filled balloon that they hold together.)