Cord Ceremony

Cord Ceremony

Ceremonies like this give opportunity to involve and honour significant family members and friends
Communication in wedding ceremonies is in words, but it may also be more eloquently in symbolic actions; i.e., in ceremony. Sometimes adding an additional representational ceremony can seal the meaning of the wedding in an unforgettable manner for both you and your guests. I especially like ceremony insertions that are versatile in representing a variety of meanings according to the couples wishes with a few subtle adjustments. These eye-catching additions can add immeasurable to the memorableness of a wedding ceremony.

Placing of the Cord Ceremony

The Cord Ceremony may stand alone or follow the Veil Ceremony, with the cord being placed on top of the veil. The Cord Ceremony is a way of symbolizing the union created by a marriage. The ceremony uses one or two sets of sponsors. While the couple sits or kneels, two people (sponsors) approach them from behind. While standing behind the couple, they place a decorative white cord over the shoulders of the groom and bride so that it crosses between them to form a figure “8”, symbolizing the tying of the couple together in the wedding — the spiritual bonding of the two souls.


I would like to call forward the Cord Sponsors, —– and —–  to place the cord over …..  and _(Bride)_.

 The cord symbolizes the love and friendship that bind the couple, and the figure-eight shape represents unity and infinity. It is a symbol of the couple’s bond; that indeed they are no longer two but one in their new life as a couple.

After the placing of the veil and/or cord the officiant may read a blessing or prayer, such as the one below. Then, the same persons or others that the couple desires to honour by active inclusion in their ceremony, are called forward to remove the veil and chord…

 Blessing of the couple that may accompany the Veil and/or Cord ceremony

May your marriage be favored with all temporal and spiritual blessings.

May you enjoy a measure of faith that will enable your relationship grow as you share in the joys, the success, the failures, as well as the relaxed and the stressful times of your marriage.

May you enjoy a hope which will make you strong and a light which will keep you growing in love and joy.

May you grow in your ability to share ideas and feelings, dreams and disappointments in such a way as to avoid the hurt of harsh words or the silence of unspoken thoughts.

May you establish a happy home that will allow you to see the humorous side of life, yet find contentment and peace in its serious realities.

May you develop an awareness that people are more important than things, that respect in your sight is more important than respect in the sight of the world, and that it is love that builds a home, not wood and stone.

As you walk down life’s path together, may your union bind you together in a love that is true and a faithfulness that is lasting.

Would the Cord Sponsor please come forward to remove the cord. 

 (Would the Veil Sponsors please come forward to remove the veil.)

Bride and groom rise to their feet following these ceremonies.

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