Will the parents of _(Bride)_ and _(Groom)_ please stand.

Many years ago, though it may feel like only yesterday, two children were born into this world. When you first gazed at them, you marvelled at their perfection and you felt truly blessed. In your children you saw infinite potential and you placed great hope in them.

With you they uttered their first words. With you they took their first steps. You rejoiced in their victories; you cried at their sorrows. You guided them, nurtured them, educated them, loved them. You gave them all you had to give, so they would grow up strong and independent, capable of great love, capable of what they are doing here today. Without you, this marriage would not, could not be possible.

Now, today all the love and caring you gave to _(Bride)_ and _(Groom)_ , they will give to each other. And it does not end here. For in turn, they will pass it along to their children. In this sense we are immortal as we see firsthand how this sublime torch, this lineage of love, gets passed along from generation to generation. We thank you and honour you.