Veil Ceremony

Veil Ceremony

Ceremonies like this give opportunity to involve and honour significant family members and friends Communication in wedding ceremonies is in words, but it may also be more eloquently in symbolic actions; i.e., in ceremony. Sometimes adding an additional representational ceremony can seal the meaning of the wedding in an unforgettable manner for both you and your guests. I especially like ceremony insertions that are versatile in representing a variety of meanings according to the couples wishes with a few subtle adjustments. These eye-catching additions can add immeasurable to the memorableness of a wedding ceremony.

Placing of the Veil Ceremony

The veil ceremony is a way of symbolizing the union created by a marriage. The ceremony uses one or two sets of sponsors. While the couple kneels, two people (sponsors) approach them from behind. While standing behind the couple, they place a veil over the shoulders of the groom and over the top of the brides head or spread the bride’s veil to the shoulder of the Groom.. They carefully pin it into place at the shoulders of each. This is to symbolize the wedding couple’s clothes as one.

In this ceremony, the couple sits or kneels, then, the officiant says…

I would like to call forward the Veil Sponsors, —— and —— to place the veil over …..  and _(Bride)_ .

The veil signifies union and oneness. We have two individuals before us now, who after this day, will become as one, sharing one home and one family. Let no distance, nor barrier separate your hearts and minds. Together you will build a future for yourselves (and your children to come) through love and perseverance.

Following these words, the same veil sponsors or another are called forward to remove the veil, carefully unpinning it and adjusting it appropriately over the bride’s gown or taking it with them.

Would the Veil Sponsors please come forward to remove the veil.

Bride and groom rise to their feet following the ceremony.

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