Discussion Starter Questionnaire

© Rev. Ray Cross

Preparing for unity in religious matters.

1.  My religious  background is:
2.  List 3 religious attitudes you like about your future spouse.
3.  List 3 religious attitudes you dislike about your future spouse
4.  My religious involvement has been:

a)      important and weekly
b)      casual and occasional
c)      of little importance and rarely
d)     non-existent
e)      Why?

5.  My religious beliefs are:
6.  My personal religious commitment is:
7.  To me, a religious wedding ceremony means:
8.  Religious organizations exist to:
9.  The religious organization to which I am affiliated exists to:
10.  What should religious belief and practice mean to our marriage and activities?
11.  What involvement do you plan to have in religious life?
12.  Would you like family religious service attendance to include all family members?  How often?
13.  Do you want grace before meals? Family devotions?
14.  I feel religion in our home will be…
15.  Whose responsibility will be the religious education of your children?
16.  My responsibility concerning the religious education of my children will be:
17.  My spouse’s responsibility concerning the religious education of our children will be…
18.  My children will receive the following religious education:
19.  What responsibility do you feel you have for the spiritual life of your fiance(e)  now  / in marriage?
20.  In your opinion what is the purpose of life?
21.  In your opinion, what is salvation?
22.  How is salvation achieved?
23. Some religious questions I would like answered are: