Living your Vows

Living Our Wedding Vows

The sharing of wedding vows is a touching moment of deep devotion expressed for all to hear.
Only time will tell the degree of sincerity, for only time gives opportunity for wedding vows to be spelled out in life, even if a couple has lived together prior to the ceremony.

Success in the venture of marriage is a complex thing. Navigating that complexity requires more than moment by moment adjustments, however important these are. It requires focus-adjusted living. The right focus, the right goals, the highest objectives can make all of the difference.
If you examine vows typical of wedding ceremonies you discover that the commitments expressed and received are necessary, not merely to longevity, but to loving devotion and delight in each other. These flow from the lips of couples to each other during the initiation of marriage.

Vows tend to express balanced opposites:

  • For better for worse
  • For richer for poorer
  • In sickness in health

Insufficient focus on the left column increases the prospects of enduring the right column.

And what holds us to the left values, is adherence to actions described at the beginning and end of the vows…
“To have and to hold”
“To love and to cherish”

It is tender delight in each other that flows forth in actions and attitudes that encourage, uplift and, how can it be said better, “cherish”, that nurture all the highest attributes within marriage which enable a bonding that doesn’t merely last, but grows…” Til death.”


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