Wedding Pageantry

Why Weddings are Called Ceremonies

Wedding services are called ceremonies because we tend to expect a degree of pageantry in the event. It’s an aspect to be treasured. It adds to the tingle of awe and excitement to ceremonies. Since pageantry is produced by acting out of significant meaning, rather than merely stating it in words, you might want to consider including a presentational expression of your commitment that surpasses words.

How Weddings become Ceremonies

In weddings pageantry has been achieved in a number of ways. Before we consider the ceremonies themselves, therefore, consider some possible symbolic inclusions. When you book your wedding with a Bridal Vows Wedding Officiant these symbolic inclusions are available for your consideration as “Extras” in the “Client” section. Look them over, think them through, adjust them to your circumstance. Maybe these will prime your creativity to even develop something new that expresses the deep, unique significance of your specific union.

Wedding Pageantry Communicates Truths

Since pageantry is meant to communicate truths and values by means of actions, and acting often stimulates the thinking and imaginative powers of observers, it may be sufficient to perform one of the ceremonies as part of your wedding, with little verbal explanation. Or, you might choose to use the explanations included or write some appropriate to your own situation. The choice is yours. In a representational fashion these have been designed to pull together specific aspects of your aspirations and hopes. As a bonus, these may also sensitively draw into your commitment those whose active and wholesome support is needed for the peaceful and happy fulfillment of your union, especially if some of these persons are involved in the ceremonial activities

The Wedding Wow Moment

Extensive interviews with brides demonstrate that brides do not dream of wedding favours and table napkins, or even limos, as much as a bride dreams of that moment when she first appears before her groom and assembled guests at the threshold of the wedding aisle. For many, that’s a wedding wow moment, as is the moment of sincere, heart-felt commitment of life and love. These are the magic moments of a wedding. Making them magical, however, does not happen magically. It requires attention to detail, keen observation, sensitivity to a bride’s dreams and aspirations and firm adherence to tried and true standards of presentation.

If a processional is part of your wedding planning, your wedding may lose its luster without awe-inspiring memories of that moment. Almost debilitating disappointment may engulf a bride when unexpected factors diminish her moment. Everything else planned around a wedding may pale to this breathtaking entrance. Grooms will tremble and tear-up when their bride first appears. It’s a tingle moment that can inspire wonder and awe in grooms and guests. Our officiants aspire to provide every service possible to accentuate the awe-inspiring effect.

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