Surviving Wedding Planning Stress

Wow! You are preparing for the day of your dreams! Who could imagine how many details it would entail? Who could imagine the stress involved for you and maybe for your relationship with your fiancé(e)? How sad that a day planned as the foundation for a life of bliss can bring such pain! Surely it ought not to be so.

Your wedding should be a happy day on the road to a life of fulfillment and growth together. It is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life. Despite all the complexity, determine to enjoy your day.

To aid in this objective, here are a few suggestions?

1. Get all the help you can with your wedding.
Don’t try to do everything yourself. Seek help from friends and family in preliminary preparations and in implementing your plan. Ahead of time, be sure to assign important tasks for the day of the wedding.

2. Hire a wedding planner, if you can afford it.
They are trained in the how-to of all aspects of a wedding celebration, and have the connections to make it happen.

3. List and prioritize your wedding tasks.
It helps to keep you informed of progress. Wedding sites can help with tasks and timing.

4. Encourage yourself by marking off wedding tasks as they are completed.

5. Do the most important wedding tasks first.
Realize the absolutely necessities of a wedding are a couple, a license and an officiant, so, as soon as you have a venue, be sure you book a good officiant worthy of the quality of wedding you are planning.

6. Book early if you are planning a spring or summer wedding.
Venues and wedding service providers are in high demand during spring and summer months.

7. Don’t get spun if wedding planning doesn’t go exactly as planned.
Be flexible. Aim for progress, not perfection.

8. Wedding expenses tend to grow exponentially, set a budget and spend within it.
A great wedding does not require every accoutrement. The sweetness of mutual love and commitment is the delight of the occasion—focus on this most of all; treasure it. If you do, the sweetness of your wedding will flow forth through your years together.

9. Choose your wedding service providers carefully.
Get references from people you trust and choose businesses with proven track records for dependability and quality. Be sure the terms of service are in writing and signed by both parties.

10. Connect with your wedding service providers close to the time of your wedding.
Ensure all details are being pursued according to your specifications. Whereas managing all vendors and details is the responsibility of a wedding planner, if you do not have one assign another to manage the details and the vendors. Be sure they have copies of the contracts with them at the wedding so they have the authority to bind all vendors and service providers to what you expect of them.

11. Above all, recognize that a wedding is not your goal.
Your objective is your marriage—long, loving, happy devotion. Invest in this all-important relationship along the way. Enjoy each other. Take time to relax. Take time to live.

Plan to enjoy your wedding. Realize that weddings almost never go exactly as planned. There are too many variables for this. Don’t sweat what you cannot control. Relax. Adjust, Roll with it. Delight in your day and take that delight into your future together.


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