Poetic Vows

My Dear (Bride),

To me you are coming,

So beautifully stunning.

I’m such a lucky man,

Your number one fan.

This you are to me

And always will be.

Always together,

Always as one,

Soul mates forever,

Brought together

By God’s dear Son.

My mind says it’s truth,

My heart says it’s love,

My God says it’s you,

Sent from above

God is our witness,

Our families the same

And loved ones around us,

We will always remain

A woman today,

A man as well

A man and a woman,

With a story to tell

My best friend forever,
Our love has won

Our new beautiful journey,

Today has begun.

I’ll be strong for you;

I’ll be your cornerstone.

I know you’ll be the same for me;

Our love will is our home.


I vow to be yours,

With all of my might

And to keep your heart in God’s loving light.

Always to cherish, never to fight,

Always to love,

Together for right.


I promise to love you,
And always protect you

To stand by your side,
And never neglect you

I promise to be there,

When you need me most

I promise to be fair,

To that I will toast.

I promise to love you

In sickness and in health.

I promise to be,

Your happiness and wealth.

I’m excited to spend

The rest of my life

With you by my side

As husband and wife.