Why a Wedding Processional Coordinator?
by Rev. Ray Cross

A wedding is the bride’s very special day.
For her maximum enjoyment, a bride should not be concerned about how her bridal party performs, especially in larger weddings that aspire to pageantry. A bride should be free to relax and enjoy her wedding while others manage the details and disruptions. Since during the ceremony, the Officiant is at the front with the groom, unable to ensure a processional proceeds as planned, this package includes a Wedding Processional Coordinator.

The emotional impact of a wedding processional
It is my belief that the wedding processional, as we know it, is designed to be an emotional high point for weddings. When little girls dream of their wedding day, what do they imagine? — usually their regal-like steps through the center of all assembled guests. And what does she envisage preceding her? — a coordinated entourage of beauty and grace. And then there is the connection between bride and groom, eyes moist with love, lips quivering — heart-throbbing devotion and delight.

The wedding processional sets the stage for the wedding
Because it comes at the beginning, the processional sets the tone for the ceremony. It sets a foundation, peaceful or perplexed, for all that ensues. For the sake of the wedding and the dreams of the bride, what then could be more important than ensuring that her wedding processional fulfills her hopes and aspirations. This the sole purpose of a Processional Coordinator.

Services of a Processional Coordinator during the wedding rehearsal
The Processional Coordinator manages the bridal party — their assembly, organization and orderly processing to prepare all attendants to perform as instructed during the actual wedding.

Services of a Processional Coordinator at the wedding ceremony
The Processional Coordinator meets the bridal party, supervises their assembly, arranges their appearance, dresses and gown for maximum impact, troubleshoots timing, space, pace, doors and unexpected occurrences, for the best possible presentation of the bridal party, especially of the bride.

Venue Coordinators often do not assist with ceremonies
Do not assume that the person through whom you booked the venue will take responsibility for the orderly processing of your wedding rehearsal and wedding ceremony. Sometimes they do; sometimes they don’t. Ask to be sure before you decide concerning the use or non-use of a Processional Coordinator.

A Processional Coordinator is a low cost wedding day alternative to a wedding planner
If you do not have a wedding planner and the person responsible for the venue will not supervise the rehearsal and ceremony proceedings, your wedding may benefit from the services of a Processional Coordinator. A Processional Coordinator is a low cost alternative to wedding planner services the day of your wedding. A Processional Coordinator could well make the difference between a processional with ragged edges and one presented with precision.

A Processional Coordinator for peaceful enjoyment of your wedding
With a Processional Coordinator, a bride can relax in the assurance that every possible effort is being expended to ensure that the processional proceeds with meticulous pageantry that appropriately accents her arrival.

Only one run at this
As stated in the pageantry section, due to these concerns

The best possible processional is a priority
In my opinion, the importance and benefits of a Processional Coordinator’s ministry to the bridal party in those instants in time far exceed extras that might be purchased to enhance the occasion. Other aspects of the wedding will soon be forgotten but the memory of that moment lasts a lifetime.

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