Should You Have a Rehearsal?

The short answer— A rehearsal always makes it better.

Officiants enjoy officiating weddings, with or without a rehearsal. However, leading ceremonies without a rehearsal allows for more unplanned and unexpected things to intrude. Your Officiant will  manage these as best they can. Nonetheless, wedding rehearsals are worth it, especially for weddings with three or more groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Rehearsals can be a lot of extra work – often more work than weddings themselves. Yet the investment is worth the effort for the hope of building truly exceptional wedding memories. There are a lot of things that can go wrong to rob your wedding of its memorableness. Once the wedding has begun Officiants can do little about most of them.

As well, every venue, even backyards, contributes distinctive features your Officiant will try to blend into the artistry of the event. The complexity of the venue makes a rehearsal more important as well—the number and location of entry points and their alignment, the management of doors, aisle alignment, music coordination for processional and recessional, backup planning in case of inclement weather, seat particulars, ushering instruction.

The complexity of the ceremony also influences the advisability of a rehearsal, like – do add-on ceremonies require practice of the movement of persons and their positioning concerning other ceremony participants and the guests?

An active run-through provides opportunity for the Officiant and the bride and groom to compare expectations for the ceremony, especially for the Officiant to reorient themselves to the dreams of a bride for her most special day, even trying it several ways until the bride is happy with the effect. By this, as a team, we ensure the rehearsal provides maximum benefit to the ceremony outcome—to its beauty, grace and lasting impact. As well, rehearsals solidify relationships which your Officiant may use to sweeten the dynamic, warmth and joyfulness of the ceremony.

Your wedding ceremony should be a lifetime highlight, a glowing memorial to a lifetime of loving devotion, one to which your mind returns for inspiration and reorientation, like a tuning fork for your devotion to each other. Investing in a rehearsal ensures the best for the true focus of the occasion – an incredible wedding ceremony experience.

Book a rehearsal for a truly lifetime memory!