How important is a wedding rehearsal? It’s usually a question from couples working within a budget and trying to decide what to cut to save them money.

For some, the ceremony is really not that important, so whether it goes just right is not essential to them. As long as the ceremony gets finished so the party can begin, it’s all good to them.

Others are not concerned about the best possible presentation of the ceremony. They just want a nice, relaxed, personal wedding. For these also, a rehearsal might not be that essential.

For those who want the best possible presentation during their wedding, however, a rehearsal is essential.

Once a wedding begins, an Officiant has no control over what will happen over anything, except the verbal sections of the ceremony. So Officiants grimaced inwardly as bridal parties take a wrong turn, processionals begin prematurely or music is misused.

Any influence over wedding logistics that an Officiant might exercise must be exercised almost exclusively at a rehearsal. Officiants are stuck at the front throughout every wedding, with no ability to interfere with what is happening. Officiants must wait until all arrive at the front before they can pull things together. Sometimes, sad to say, as a salvage venture.